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Professional Liability Insurance

If you provide professional services – as a doctor, dentist, attorney or architect to name a few - then Professional Errors & Omissions Liability is your most critical coverage. Professional Errors & Omissions Liability protects your business from allegations arising from professional negligence or failure to perform your professional duties, claims which are normally not covered by your general liability policy. Whether an allegation is baseless or not, mounting a legal defense could bankrupt a business. Professional Errors & Omissions Liability can protect you against the unknown and the unforeseeable. Let our knowledge and experience help you protect all that you’ve worked so hard to create.

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Professional liability, also referred to as Errors & Omissions, insurance coverage gives your business protection from the risks you face in delivering your professional services. This insurance protects you and your business from potentially catastrophic litigation caused by allegations such as:

  • Error, Omission, or Negligence in providing a service
  • Failure to Provide a service
  • Fraud
  • Improper Documentation
  • Malpractice
  • Mismanagement
  • Misrepresentation or nondisclosure of facts
  • Violation of state and federal law
  • and other allegations

Coverage features:

  • Contingent Bodily Injury/Property Damage
  • Personal Injury
  • Defense Costs
  • Worldwide Coverage

Why take a chance that a lawsuit could financially cripple your company?  Contact one of our insurance specialists today to learn more.

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