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Life and Health Insurance

Protection for your tomorrows.

No one wants to think about needing medical insurance or life insurance – but reality is that sooner or later you will. Whether your needs include health, dental or vision insurance, disability, life or long-term care, voluntary benefits or qualified retirement plans, we’ve got you covered. Whether for yourself, your family or your employees, with access to several regional insurance carriers we can assist you with both individual and group programs that are affordable and comprehensive.

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The Life and Health Insurance Foundation For Education
Individual Medical Insurance

Covering the high cost of health care.

Life & Disability Insurance

Protecting what's really important.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care can be needed by anyone at any age.


How’s your retirement nest-egg coming along?

Group Medical Insurance

What is the second question your interviewee asks about the job?

Group Dental Insurance

Smile! You've got great group dental options.

Group Vision Insurance

We can see a group vision plan in your future!

Group Life Insurance

Help your employees be prepared for the worst.

Group Disability Insurance

What will happen to the employee that is hurt or sick and can't work?

Voluntary Employee Benefit Products

Provide added employee benefits…without cost! What's not to love?

Executive Life Insurance

Does your business heavily depend on a few talented employees?


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